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The WMOYA scheme is run by the Alaskan Malamute Club UK and is a great way to encourage owners to get out and active with their dogs. It is a friendly competition that produces a league table of dogs at the end of the working season. Points are earned through participating in rallies and weight pull and in some instances dogs can earn bonus points.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Team BlackSummit on the start line at Sherwood Forest

The thing we like the most about WMOYA is that AMCUK accepts results from working events organised by different clubs. This way, owners get the opportunity to select events local to them and still enter a championship instead of having to follow one club to every event in order to gain a competitive place on a league table. Less spent time travelling, more time spent on the trails has to be a positive for dogs and handlers in our opinion.

We enter every year and the 2015-16 season hasn't disappointed us. For the second year running Bear and Inka have secured places at the top end of table both finishing second in the rally results with Bear third and Inka fourth in the combined rally and weight pull competition. Check out their haul of certificates below. Results and rules for the WMOYA competition can be found on the working pages of the AMCUK website.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Inka's certificate

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Bear's certificate

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