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We are pleased to share our new arrivals with you. On the 2nd August, Nome gave birth to eight healthy puppies, four boys and four girls - a perfectly even split. Most of the puppies are wolf grey and white with the exception of two seals.

We have themed this litter the 'Iditarod' litter based on our passion for long distance. As tribute to Nome, our own lead dog, we have named the puppies after the Iditarod's golden harness winning dogs. Please meet; Guinness (Ginny), Pepi, Babe, Pilot, Nuggett, Beatle, Reef and Velvet.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes
Puppies with mum Nome, around 10 days old

We are thrilled that they arrived with no complications and that they are gaining weight (all on mum's own milk), growing stronger and developing daily. Nome is a very relaxed mum who loves having us around her and the puppies.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes
Puppies only a few days old

We have every confidence that these puppies will share the outstanding temperaments of both their parents, some of the litter will be staying here with us, others have already found new homes where fantastic adventures lay ahead of them as they reach 10-12 weeks old.

Stay tuned for more puppy updates .......

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