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Updated: Jun 21, 2018

At 05.05 on Wednesday 7th March Team BlackSummit arrived into the Polardistans checkpoint after completing a 92km climb up the mountain throughout the night. Weather conditions throughout their ascent had been snowy and windy meaning quite a bit of soft, fresh and drift snow had fallen onto the trail. Unfortunately after 20km into the race one of Ryan's ski poles broke which meant he was more reliant on the power of the dogs to get up the fjell. A grateful moment to all the hill and strength building training we did earlier in the season.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Happy to see a strong team arriving into checkpoint with tails up, heads alert and many more miles still left in the tank

On arrival into the checkpoint the team gave the vets no cause for concern, we experienced no lameness, limping or sickness. All the dogs were well hydrated and had good appetites. As an attentive musher Ryan made them all a straw bed before examining each one in turn and serving up a well deserved meal. After all of this and then feeding himself Ryan, was finally able to climb into his Jerven bag and join them on the straw for a few hours rest.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
All the team resting (Ryan in the orange sack)

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Female lead dogs Nome (near) and Inka

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Male wheel dogs Rowdy (left) and Bear sending up some Zzzzz's

After approximately 4 -5 hours rest the team left the checkpoint around 10.30 am on Wednesday 7th March. The remainder of their journey involved a further ascent back up the fjell before a long down hill and undulating trails towards the finish line.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
One cold and sleepy musher emerging from his bag. Nome's looking to see if he is ready to go again!

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Nome and Inka (Rowdy background) alert and ready to start the remainder of their adventure

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