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Great health is always something to celebrate and this week we received news from Nome's Alaskan malamute polyneuropathy test that she is CLEAR of this hereditary disease. Both Nome (Kimbear's Bothel Sense of Snow at BlackSummit) and her brother Rowdy (Kimbear's Bothel Chasing the Storm for BlackSummit) are genetically clear of this disease as all four of their grandparents have been tested but it is always a good idea to keep check every few generations.

We used Animal DNA Diagnostics for this health test as they send the results straight to the UK Kennel Club to be listed on the health test finder. Nome and Rowdy's genetically clear status will also feature on the AMPOLY database (maintained by Turid Teigen) showing all of the malamutes that have been tested for this disease or that have a history of genetic testing in their pedigrees.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Nome - Kimbear's Bothel Sense of Snow at BlackSummit

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