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This evening Inka (Packice Orsa At BlackSummit) passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Level Obedience Assessment. This is her first attempt at the test and we are so proud that she has worked her way through all the levels before turning a year old. Like many Alaskan malamutes, Inka is extremely intelligent and loves a challenge; she has excelled at obedience from a young age.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Inka with all of her well earned rosettes

In order to attain her gold award Inka had to complete a range of tasks first time round - no second chances. The out of sight stay - where the handler leaves the room for a short period, the dog must not allow itself to become distracted by other dogs also doing the exercise. The emergency stop - on command the dog must stop in its tracks, dogs taking even one extra step don't pass this exercise. The send away - dogs go to bed and lie down on command and perfect heelwork off the lead. You can read more about the different levels of obedience by following this link to the Kennel Club website.

Read more about Inka on her profile page or view her gallery.

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