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As part of our sledding holiday further north in Sweden this year, Ryan and the dogs disappeared off into the mountains for a few days. Together they completed a longer distance trip of 52 miles/ 83 km over two days and enjoyed some quality time camping together. Despite setting out with a clear weather forecast for the days ahead, mother nature decided to test them with a whole array of conditions, some of which were more pleasant than others.

For Nome (Kimbear's Bothel Sense of Snow at BlackSummit) and Rowdy (Kimbear's Bothel Chasing the Storm at BlackSummit) this trip almost concludes their AMCA Working Team Dog Advanced titles. (WTDA) Both youngsters took to the snow like ducks to water and enjoyed every moment of their trip (and all the treats along the way.) We are extremely pleased and proud that all of our dogs continue to show enthusiasm and enjoyment towards all the working opportunities we present to them. The video below sums up the highlights and maps from the tour.

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