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Today the vets returned Bear and Inka's official hips scores to us. We are thrilled to report that both team members have sound, balanced hips! Both dogs health tests can now be viewed on the Kennel Club health test finder.

Bear - Dreamwolves I Am Legend Of BlackSummit scored 3:4

Inka - Packice Orsa At BlackSummit scored 6:6

With Bear and Inka aged 4 and 3 years respectively this year it is great to know that the working lifestyle they love so much will be able to continue much longer for them as they get older. To check for any signs of hip dysplasia a vet will x-ray the ball and socket hip joints of your dog. The results are then verified by the British Veterinary Association.

Red circles indicate the ball and socket joint that is measured by the BVA

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