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Today we have more excellent health news to celebrate - all four of our dogs passed their eye tests for hereditary cataracts. For Nome and Rowdy this was their first test at 18 months old and the second test for Bear (5 years) and Inka (4 years). We will continue to regularly health check all of our team members wherever possible to try to ensure they lead long and healthy lives with us. All of our Alaskan malamutes health test results can be found using the Kennel Club health test finder tool online.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
The BlackSummit Gang

From left to right Rowdy (Kimbear's Bothel Chasing the Storm for BlackSummit), Inka (Packice Orsa at BlackSummit), Nome (Kimbear's Bothel Sense of Snow at BlackSummit) and Bear (Dreamwolves I Am Legend of BlackSummit). There is nothing nicer that four sets of dark, healthy malamute eyes staring up at you!

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