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Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Bear and Inka had their eyes tested today for hereditary cataracts by Professor Sheila Crispin. Great news that they both tested clear! To view their health tests you can use the Kennel Club Health Test Finder.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Inka - Packice Orsa at BlackSummit

Hereditary cataracts is one of the four health issues recorded by The Kennel Club for Alaskan malamutes. Breeders should have clear eye tests for their breeding stock at the time of mating and in an ideal world they should continue to test any dogs they have bred from in the future to identify health issues in their lines. The HC test is overseen by the British Veterinary Association and you find out more information about the disease by visiting their website.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Bear - Dreamwolves I Am Legend of BlackSummit

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