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At 23.53 on Wednesday 7th March the BlackSummit team crossed the finish line making record breaking UK breed history by being the only English team ever to complete the Polardistans 160km and also to complete a long distance race! Ryan's GPS tracker indicated that they covered a total distance of 169km and the published time take (including time at the checkpoint) was 34:23:30.

BlackSummit lead dogs Nome and Inka enjoying attention

The team arrived at the finish line with tails up, big smiles and still with the energy to pull Ryan up the final hill right to the end. The welfare of our dogs always comes first so this finish made us so proud that we had trained and cared for our dogs well enough for them to have enjoyed the race and be in excellent health at the finish line. None of the dogs finished with a body condition score of less that 4 on the 1-9 scale.

Finishing team looming out of the darkness full of smiles

Musher and his leading team

Rowdy worked so hard for Ryan <3

Team BlackSummit's first ever Polardistans 160km 2018

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