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Updated: Jun 21, 2018

After the long journey to Sweden the BlackSummit team presented themselves to the Polardistans race officials for race registration, veterinary health checks and mandatory equipment inspections. Each of our dogs were seen by the famous Italian Vet Sleddog - Sergio Maffi and his team who oversee the veterinary care delivered to sled dogs around the world in races such as the Iditarod (Alaska) and the Finnmark (Scandinavia).

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Inka having a thorough inspection by a member of Sergio's team

As well as having their heart rate monitored and limbs manipulated for soundness, the dogs are also give a body condition score which is then monitored by the vet and musher during and at the finish of the race. The vets use the 1-9 point scoring system (see below) and we were pleased that all our team scored either 4 or 4.5 which is deemed to be perfect condition.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Body condition scoring system 1-9 used by racing vets

Our team attracted a lot of attention from the vets and volunteers and as you can see with Inka below - they loved the attention and cuddles that came with the crowds.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Inka enjoying a cuddle with Camille

Next on the agenda was the mandatory equipment check. Ryan's pulka needed to carry enough food and supplies for during the race but also additional dog food and extreme cold weather equipment in case of an emergency. Arranging, packing and unpacking the pulka took some practice to ensure Ryan could be as efficient as possible when needing to access different food or other items.

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
One very full pulka with all the supplies and equipment needed for the race

Lastly, here is one photo of Bear that we couldn't resist - patiently waiting for his turn with the vets, enjoying the attention from the cameras and the cold snow <3

BlackSummit Alaskan Malamutes UK
Bear - 6 years old enjoying the snow <3

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